You want to improve, bring your knowledge or discover new activities?
The organic agriculture, permaculture and alternative construction are subjects that interest you a lot?

CINCA Ecuador is glad to welcome volunteers all the year. It can be an opportunity to contribute and support a solidary and sustainable project, with volunteers from all around the world. Volunteer’s help and involvement are fundamental to ensure the farm’s development. Thanks a lot to all the volunteers who vitalized our project. 

We are really interested in people who have knowledges in organic agriculture, permaculture, bioconstruction, alternative construction and seed’s collect. If you want to take part of this project and learn more about CINCA Ecuador, we invite you to join our team, you are all welcome. Mountains and volcanoes surround the farm, so you can visit and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Activities each day

Each day, volunteers work in different projects in the farm. Some of the activities that volunteers can realize are:
- Team meeting to plan the week
- Preparing culture bed
- Doing vegetative cover with pasture grass
- Sowing
- Weeding
- Putting Bokashi
- Preparing bioferments
- Collecting seeds
- Harvesting
- Selling vegetables boxes
- Working on constructions: renovation of houses or objects creation with recycled materials.
All the volunteers are invited to propose new projects and work on their development.

Accommodation and toilets

- Dormitories: volunteers sleep in common dormitories. We have three tiny houses that can welcome ten people in total. We recommend you to bring your sleeping bag.
- Compost toilet: to reduce water consumption and realize our own fertilizes there are two compost toilets in the farm.
- Shower: we have two showers: one with warm water and the other with cold water.

Farm's life

To have a pleasant life in the community, each week a board allow us to define common activities made by the volunteers:
- Food: define who will cook the breakfast, lunch and diner.
- Housework: define who will clean the compost toilet, shower and kitchen.
- Shopping: two or three volunteers do shopping for everyone once a week.

Work schedules

Volunteers who work in the farm, work six hours a day and five days a week, from Monday to Friday. Each weekend, one of the volunteers takes care of the farm: keep the farm, take care of the animals and water cultures. A rotation system defines who will stay in the farm. The volunteer in charge of the farm can have a day off the next week.

Volunteering duration

To discover, learn and impregnate the organic agriculture and also to live a good experience in the community, we recommend you to stay in the farm for two weeks minimum. But if it is possible, we are happy to welcome you longer.


We eat our organic vegetables from the garden but we need to buy cereals, fruits, eggs, cheese, etc. We are not self-sufficent yet, so, 10$/person/week is the good deal to help us to pay the food. Thank you for your comprension.