We sale vegetables, directly in the farm, in villages near CINCA Ecuador and in Quito (every Sunday). We also participate to markets during the week.

You can compose your vegetables box with different products of your choice for a minimum of 10$. We have the following products:

0.25 $

Celery  (250grs) 

Culander (1 unit) 

0.3 $

Green lettuce (1 unit)   

0.5 $

Copenhagen green cabbage (1kg)

Broccoli (500grs)

Chili (5 units)

Cauliflower (500grs) 

Mixed kale (1 unit)

Pepper (5 units) 

Kapok (750grs)

Curly lettuce (1 unit) 


1 $

Onion (500 grs) 

Pateiña onion (1kg)

Pearl onion (500grs) 

Zucchini (1kg) 

Cucumber (1kg)

Beetroot (500grs)

Tomato riñón (500grs)

Carrot (500grs)