Futurs projects

Permaculture Garden Maintenance

In March 2019, we had the visit of two Spanish, Laura and Ricardo. They helped us in the development of a garden in permaculture to enrich the soil. We are currently working on designing the plantation of this garden. Step by step we also ad vegetative cover on our cultures.


We are going to work on the construction of a tiny house in cob (mixture of soil with clay).

House for Animals

We would like to build houses for chickens, the pig and guinea pigs, to obtain our own organic abono.

Oxidation Pool

We are programming to build an oxidation pool to purify the grey water produced in the farm. With help of depurative plants, we could reuse the water to spray the different cultivation in the farm. 

Bamboo gutter

We want to install bamboo gutter on our houses in the aim to recover rainwater. 

Training course organisation

We would like to organise training course with the local community to share our experience and knowledges in organic agriculture.